DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a chance to buy a urinal once used, and signed, by Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders.

Current owner Mike Kozan — who touts the toilet as “a truly one of a kind piece of Detroit sports history” — bought it in an auction of items from the old Pontiac Silverdome last year.

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“I was looking at several different options to choose from…I noticed you could actually buy the ones from the home team locker room,” Kozan told WWJ’s Sandra McNeil. “I have several neighbors, so I actually wanted to put plumbing out in the garage…”

(credit: Mike Kozan - used with permission)

(credit: Mike Kozan – used with permission)

In the end, Kozan said, he bought two urinals and a sink — all for $20.

He installed one in his “man cave.”  The second one he power-washed with bleach and wheeled up to an autograph signing with Sanders.

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“I put it on a dolly, tried to wrap it up as best as I could, because…I was actually really nervous and embarrassed, because this was a guy I’d looked up to my whole life,” Kozan said.

urnal signing

Sanders was a good sport, though, and signed the top.

“He was really cool about it. People were joking with him while he was doing it,” Kozan said. “It was cool for me; he got up and did a couple hand shakes.”

Kozan listed the item for auction on eBay, where bids rose above $1,000 after just two days.

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