By Edward Cardenas

NOVI (CBS Detroit) – Light Guide Systems (LGS) augmented reality technology is replacing traditional manuals in manufacturing and other industries by replacing paper guides with projection technology to provide step by step directions to operators.

The patented product, by Novi based OPS Solutions, uses proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to projects instructions onto a work station – or product – and guide workers through complex manual tasks. It also allows operators to confirm the completion of the tasks.

The light guide system can be used in a variety of processes from assembly to quality control to training.

“People don’t have to waste time now looking at work instructions anymore,” said Paul Ryznar, inventor of Light Guide Systems and president & CEO of OPS Solutions. “(The instructions and manuals) are getting projected right onto the physical product and process itself. So complex processes become as easy following the lights.”

Representatives from LGS had a booth at the BIG M conference at Cobo Center this week and demonstrated the technology for professionals and students attending the event.

OPS Solutions was founded in 2005 by Ryznar, who has 30 years of experience in manufacturing. Through his experience, he saw firsthand the limitations of hard copy work instructions and developed Light Guide Systems.

In May, the company demonstrated their products at the opening of UI Labs’ Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)  on Goose Island in Chicago. Attendees of the event—including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Senator Dick Durbin—had the opportunity to build an overhead camshaft assembly for a car engine .

The light guide system, which initially was used in manufacturing and has expanded to other industries including aerospace, agriculture, energy, heavy equipment and medical.

Ryznar said his company has grown to 16  employees and is growing at 100 percent year over year. OPS Solutions is moving into new building, and growing its workforce, as it prepares to expand into its seventh country.

“It is a product that can be matched up and error-proofed with any product and any process,” Ryznar said of the technology which can be applied to a variety of industries.