By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is putting a new twist on the traditional dinner and movie.

The pizza chain has created pizza boxes that transform into movie projectors.

In four easy steps, customers can turn their pizza box into a projector according to video promoting the specialty boxes designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong.

Once customers receive their order, they can remove the pizza and punch a hole in the side of the box by popping a perforated hole on the side of the specially designed Blockbuster Box.

They can then insert a projector lens – included with the order – and place it in the hole.

Then using a smart phone, they can scan the QR code on one of four unique boxes to download a movie. The free movies include horror movie Slice Night; science fiction Anchovy Armageddon, romantic Hot & Ready and action filled Fully Loaded, according to The Verge.

Users than place their smart phones into the stand – which held the lens – into the box and the movie is projected from the phone onto a wall.