By: Evan Jankens

Maybe I’m too old and flat-out not hip enough for snap chat.

When I first heard about the app that would display an image for a short amount of time before it disappeared, I thought it was only used for nude photos.

Sadly, I was wrong. I download the app and all I ever got was photos of birds from a friend. Lame, I deleted the app.

It seems more and more everyday serious companies and now even professional sports teams are starting to use Snapchat.

Our very own Detroit Tigers seem to be starting the trend of snaps (I think that’s what you call them) in Major League Baseball.

During Sunday’s rain delay the Tigers had some fun.

The Indians didn’t have a chance to reply, the Colorado Rockies beat them to it.

I haven’t heard of the find the emoji game, but the Rockies, Tigers and Indians all had fun with it.

You can follow the Tigers on Snapchat @Tigers.