By Edward Cardenas

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Tech entrepreneurs, agency executives, and public sector leaders in social media will meet others connected on social media platforms in person Friday at Social Media Day at the Motor City Casino Hotel.

The sixth annual event, hosted by the Social Media Association of Michigan, brings together “business professionals, innovators, influencers and general citizens for an opportunity to connect their online networks offline, in a face-to-face setting, bringing communities closer together,” organizers stated.

The event will begin with a VIP Reception with a fireside chat on the topic of “Technology’s Role in a Resurging City.

Among those scheduled to attend:

  • David Anderson, CoFounder at Bamboo Detroit
  • Piper Carter, CoFounder at Detroit Digital Justice Coalition
  • Jake Cohen, Partner at Detroit Venture Partners
  • Michael Evans, Senior Developer at Loveland Technologies
  • Edi Demaj, CoFounder at Rocket Fiber
  • Jill Ford, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the City of Detroit
  • Niles Heron, CoFounder at Michigan Funders
  • Alicia Jones, CEO at Harmony Point ITC
  • Alyssa R. Martina, CoFounder & CEO of Memloom
  • Marlin Page, Founder at Sisters Code

A public event will follow that will include classic Motown music blended with modern techno beats and an interactive technology-focused experience.

For tickets, and more information about the event, visit the Social Media Day event page.


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