By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Cellular phones have become such a big personal accessory that most people admit to using their phone in the bathroom.

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Verizon Wireless released a report Tuesday, “True Wireless Confessions: How people REALLY use their devices,” and found that nearly 90 percent use their phone in the bathroom.

The survey of more than 6,000 responses from Verizon Wireless social connections found the first thing cell phone users reach for their phone in the morning. In fact, 77 percent turn to their phone first thing in the morning, and 52 percent check it before they even get out of bed.

Once out of bed, 82 percent of device users think they are offending others while using their phones, “but that doesn’t stop them,” the report stated.

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Additionally, 40 percent admit to using their phone at a dinner table, in the middle of a conversation and in a movie.

Twenty five percent of respondents admitting to using a smart phone at a house of worship, at a school meeting and even on a date.

Some users do know when to turn off their phones, with 34 percent intentionally leaving their phone at home when it’s family time. They are also charitable, with 70 percent of Verizon customers reported letting someone borrow their phone when that person hasn’t had service from another carrier.

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For additional information, follow this link to see results of the survey: True Wireless Confessions June 2015.