BIRMINGHAM (CBS DETROIT) – Are you pushing your child into a sport they care nothing about but you just love?

Birmingham based psychiatrist Dr. Michael Miletic says a lot of the time a parent will push a child toward an activity that the parent loves like football, baseball or soccer and the kid may hate it.

Dr. Miletic says there’s a simple solution:

“Find out what they love,” he says, “and then join them, even if you’ve never played basketball for example but that’s what they love, get into the world of basketball – that’s the way you connect with kids and it’s through that connection that the kid’s excitement will grow.”

He says once a child does pick an activity expect and reward commitment and effort. Be sure to leave the coaching up to the coaches and says an ice cream after the game may not be a bad idea.

Tips to help your kid connect with a sport. 

1. Attach and connect. Don’t instruct.
2. Think of providing a fenced in playground. Providing safety, boundaries, and freedom to play.
3. Meet your child at his or her level. Don’t push them to your expectations.
4. Once your child picks their activity, expect and reward commitment and effort.
5. Be a parent. You’re not a coach, critic or scout.


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