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Julie Chen said it perfectly; these houseguests were playing too hard way too early. We finally see which houseguest has been switching with their twin! I’ve also ranked the top and bottom three houseguests currently playing in the game. Plus comedienne and superfan Kathy Griffin comes to the Big Brother House for her own, “BB Take Over.” Who’s going to get the “last laugh?” For now here’s my recap from last night’s live eviction episode.

The Blindside of Jace

It’s a number’s game and Jace tries to make his case to stay. However Clay said it best, “his ship has sailed,” and frankly once the majority of the house is against a houseguests, there would need to be a hail mary to save themselves. It’s week one and Audrey has been playing way too much with her emotions. Now that Jace is trying to save himself, he’s doing whatever it takes to get Jackie evicted. Jackie hasn’t made any waves as well as her eviction speech was confusing. Jace calls out the eight-person alliance out and it wasn’t enough to save him. With a surprising vote of 12-1, Jace was voted out of the Big Brother house. It definitely doesn’t seem like they’ll be putting Jace in sequester because we saw the goodbye messages as well as it was revealed of the twin twist. It’s never fun to be the first to be out, but Jace was a good sport and left with his head held up high.

The Twin Twist & Kathy Griffin’s BB Takeover is Revealed

I was surprised the twins swapped four times and they had swapped live. I slightly enjoyed not knowing which twin was switching back and forth back in season five, but it is nice to try and figure out the difference between Liz and her twin sister Julia. It was interesting to see the reaction from Jace not knowing and how none of the houseguests see a difference from the switch during the live vote. With the swap we now saw how Julia would be in competitions.

Kathy Griffin is always a good laugh and it was great to see her back to take over the Big Brother house. I was pleasantly surprised by her knowledge of the game. I really think this twist could change the game if only Audrey wins it. If anyone else wins it they won’t use the power or have a “last laugh.” I can’t wait to see which houseguests see the telephone and wonder what it’s about or what theories they have about Kathy’s BB Take Over Twist. It was amusing to see season 15 winner Andy Herren a part of the competition. The winning HOHs for the week being Becky & Shelli, which will be interesting to see who they target but it’s pretty safe to assume that Audrey is the house’s number one target.

My Top Three Houseguests For The Week

  • James – As the outgoing HOH, he got who he wanted evicted and there have been other houseguests causing waves to ensure the ladies reigning this week won’t be targeting him.
  • Jeff – For being a complete outsider of the game, it’s interesting to see Jeff getting a grasp of this game very quickly. His social game is really good and we’ll see if he can continue to build the relationships he’s having to this week to ensure his safety.
  • Shelli – Winning HOH is good, she’s pretty much in a showmance and she was a part of James’ alliance. So it’s pretty safe to assume Shelli will have an easy week unless she wants to shake things up or go against the house.

My Bottom Three Houseguests For The Week

  • Audrey – Playing the game way too hard and way too fast. She’s definitely going to be the target this week and she’ll have to do some great social game skills as well as win the secret power, the BOB and/or the POV to ensure her safety this week.
  • DaVonne – She had a fight on the first week and already showing her emotions in the game. If they’re unable to evict Audrey I believe DaVonne will be the next target.
  • Jackie – I think Jackie will be this season’s pawn nomination for each week until she’s not needed, or she’ll end up in the final three like Victoria from last season.

Predictions for Nominations & BOTB

I believe Becky is going to nominate Steve & Jason up for eviction. Steve because he’s an outsider and wasn’t a part of the main alliance from last week; Jason for putting Becky on the block. Meanwhile Shelli will nominate Jackie & DaVonne up for eviction. Jackie because she’s ultimately the pawn and DaVonne because she had a fight with her man as well as not very well liked by the house and a threat to Shelli’s game. Then for BOTB, Steve & Jason will win and dethrone Becky, leaving Shelli in power and having Jackie & DaVonne up for eviction. Which would then set the stage for a possible DaVonne & Audrey eviction post POV. This is a very grand theory so we’ll just have to tune in on Sunday 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who will be nominated as well as who wins BOTB.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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