Sam’s Club has apologized to a Romulus mom who sliced up a strawberry to find an unpleasant — and alive — surprise inside.

Tiffany McKay Cisco complained to the popular price club via Facebook, posting a picture that shows earwigs embedded in fruit she says she purchased over the weekend at the Southgate store.

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“We bought these yesterday at the Sams Club in Southgate MI. I buy produce all the time. My son eats strawberries all day every day. I usually just cut just cut off the green part and wash and give it to him. Tonight I was washing and cutting these to make a recipe and I found a total of 5 of these. A couple I washed down the sink without meaning too. And by the way they were both moving in this bag! I am so grossed out my son could have bit into this!” Cico’s post reads.

Someone at Sam’s promptly replied, offering her money back for the insect-infested fruit, with a bonus:”Hi Tiffany, we apologize for your experience and encourage you to return this item to your local club for a 200% refund.”

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As of Thursday, the photo had been shared over 1,700 times and garnered a couple hundred comments — some defending the store — saying it’s an unfortunate fluke, these thing happen — and others suggesting Cisco shop elsewhere for better quality produce.

A thoughtful comment came from Michelle Jones: “I will for now on cut my strawberries up. Omg.”

Cicso later said that she doesn’t blame Sam’s for the icky issue.

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“Really. I posted so that other people who bought the same product could watch out for it! Never said it was SAMs clubs fault. Didn’t tell people not to buy their products, I’ll still be buying the same things I’ve always bought. Simply letting people know to pay attention. Because I know I am not the only one who eats whole strawberries … People turn this into something it was not intended to be! I love SAMs club and am not trying to damage the stores reputation. ….”