MICHIGAN MATTERS is the award-winning Community Affairs program airing on CBS 62 at 11:30 am Sunday mornings, right after the CBS News program FACE THE NATION.

The program features guests and panelists from a wide variety of areas in business, education, and politics that affect the Detroit viewing community. The program is hosted by multi-Emmy Award-winning Senior Producer and journalist Carol Cain, who is also a renowned columnist for the Detroit Free Press.

  1. William Billy Horton says:

    Brooks Patterson said what?
    Joking about Justice Ginsberg and seeing some picture say, “Abraham Lincoln padded my ass!”
    Are you kidding me?
    You continue to have this insensitive, man of disrespect on your program??? He is part of the old-school, white man of power mysogynists who will never mature, grow-up and see woman from an egalitarian perspective. How absolutely awful. Carol King, though moderately confronting him by saying, “no you didn’t,” should have confronted him and kicked him off the set. I will no longer watch your program if you have him as a guest. Enough with his prejudicial views. Oakland county needs to move him out of office, and you need to stop having him as a guest on your program

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