DETROIT (WWJ) – The governor weighs in Thursday as lawmakers in Lansing continue to try to hammer out a way to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads.

As the House mulls over a Republican plan for a 15-cent a gallon gas tax hike, the Democrats this week proposed a plan to raise most of the money needed through a corporate income tax hike.

“I appreciate people coming forward with ideas, and what I would say is – I don’t think any one plan is going to be the answer from any one group,” said Snyder. “It’s going to be people working together – finding good compromise but then staying focused on what is best for the citizens in terms of better roads for the best value.”

Snyder says there is still a fair amount of work to be done.

“This is hard work … to put it in context the last time this was done were ’97 and ’98 and in each case it took several years to get something done. But we’re going to stay relentless on this project until there’s a better outcome,” he said.

Lawmakers are working over their summer vacation to try and get a deal done.


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