By Dan Jenkins

Everyone likes to go out and have a good time with their friends once in a while. But everyone has that one friend who gets way too drunk and embarrasses the entire group.

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According to a new study, he or she may be a “Mr. Hyde.”

The University of Missouri conducted an experiment to figure out the different categories of drunkenness that drinkers fall into. The results revealed four main categories:

Hemingway (around 40 percent): “By far the largest and included those who reported only slightly changing when intoxicated. The moderate decreases demonstrated by this group make its members stand out as being ‘less affected’ than drinkers in some of the other groups, much like the author Ernest Hemingway, who claimed that he could ‘drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk.'”

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Mr. or Ms. Hyde (around 20 percent): “Members of this group, much like the dark-sided Mr. Hyde, reported a tendency of being particularly less responsible, less intellectual, and more hostile when under the influence of alcohol than they are when they are sober.”

Mary Poppins (15 percent): “The Mary Poppins group of drinkers essentially captures the sweet, responsible drinkers who experience fewer alcohol-related problems compared to those most affected.”

Nutty Professor (20 percent): A person who is introverted while sober, but comes out of their shell while drinking. “Although the personality change displayed by ‘The Nutty Professors’ may be the most dramatic, this does not appear to be associated with elevated harm.”

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