By: Sara

It is not enough these days to just walk into the reception when you are announced as part of the wedding party. You have to have a little skit, or a dance move, or a prop. Sometimes this is annoying, sometimes this is entertaining, and sometimes…you are taking your life into your hands.

The unsuspecting bridesmaid in this case, sashayed down the runway and took her time with a little solo dance once she got to the front of the room. Her big mistake was keeping her back to the groomsman who had walked her down the aisle. This guy wanted to get Cirque Du Soleil on everybody and started doing flips to the dance floor. Unfortunately the back-flip turned into a Street Fighter kick to the head. (“To live is to fight. To fight is to live!”) Down goes bridesmaid. A few guests rushed to the girl’s aid, but girlfriend was not ready to be vertical yet and face-planted. The classier guests didn’t offer to help at all, but made sure to keep their phones up for filming so that we could all enjoy the pain.