By Christy Strawser

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) It’s the stuff of Stephen King induced nightmares.

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Your car turns on you, speeding off when you’re trying to slam on the brakes, the steering wheel veering crazily in every direction, the radio screaming and windshield wipers on at full force.

But this isn’t Christine, it’s your average Jeep.

A team of hackers showed off how they could use a laptop to remotely hack the entertainment system of a Jeep to take over its steering, brakes, transmission and more.

They sent out a pal prepared to react as they hacked.

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“Do it! Kill the engine,” one of them says as they push a button on the laptop and the Jeep decelerates to a stop on the freeway.

Late model Chrylsers are vulnerable to attack based on the configuration of its entertainment system, the hackers said

The hacker code will be revealed at a “black hat” event next month, after Chrysler issues a patch that makes current vehicles invulnerable, they said.

“We want to release this information because more people like us need to be focused on this problem,” one of the hackers said.


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