DETROIT (WWJ) – Blurring the line between luxury cars and pickup trucks, Ford is bringing back the high-end “Limited” trim of the F-150 for 2016.

“We’re really excited to bring the most advanced and luxurious model of F-150 that we’ve ever built,” said Ford Truck Marketing Manager Doug Scott.

We’re talking about a starting price of $60,000 and up, but this pickup has all of the available technology, plus soft mojave leather, larger wheels and lots of chrome — as well as massaging seats.

2016 Ford F-150 Limited (credit: Ford Motor Company)

2016 Ford F-150 Limited (credit: Ford Motor Company)

Scott says there is an audience for these high-end pickups.

“The guy who’s a foreman, a small business owner…they need the capability of a truck, but they also are using that truck to double as their personal vehicle,” he told WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert. “So they want all of the refinement and the amenities that literally you can find.”

Ford has a number of a lesser high-end F-150 trims, including Platinum and King Ranch, which typically account for about 30 percent of sales, Scott said.

But, with the launch of this new F-150, the luxury trims now account for about 56 percent.

“And that’s what you expect in the launch year, early in the launch of the product,” Scott said. “And then, over time, you know, that will dilute.”

The Limited F-150 was last offered in 2014.


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