DETROIT (WWJ) – Filming for a documentary about the revitalization of a Detroit neighborhood continues.

“If you drive around the neighborhood – you’ll see this is one of the most blighted neighborhoods in Detroit,” says the narrator. “That can change, that will change -this summer. Detroit is not a dot on the map, Detroit is a city that God created – literally to have massive world influence and He is not done with Detroit …”

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Walter Marshall, president of Framed by Grace Films, says filming for the Osborn project, which began last winter, continues in August.

Life Remodeled connects with a variety of organizations; highlighted by the video below:

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“We chose Osborn because there was significant need but there was also radical hope – so ‘hope’ just meaning sustainability, like partners, like the man that worked and block family development – the Skillman Organization. So, it was already being sustained but they just needed a little extra help,” said Marshall.

“Life in Osborn” documents the clean up of the Osborn community, starting with the high school. The effort is led by Life Remodeled, a Detroit non-profit.

With over 12,000 volunteers coming from within corporations around the metro Detroit area — the organization has been significantly aided in the effort.

“GM, Quicken, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat and all these other companies just adopting the neighborhood,” said Marshall. “Twenty-one families in the neighborhood – will be having their homes remodeled – there is also going to be massive blight clean-up and many other things throughout the community.”

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The documentary will be released in the fall.