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With so many references to previous seasons on tonight’s episode of Big Brother, I had lost count. But first Jason the 25-year-old Supermarket Cashier from Swansea, MA was the fifth evicted houseguest of the season. With five evictions also meant that Julia, Liz’s twin was able to enter the house and play as an individual in the game. Plus yesterday’s episode featured co-workers, friends and family of Johnny Mac. Here’s my recap of last night’s live eviction episode.

Searching For Answers

After the blindside to Jason at the POV ceremony, Jason, Meg and Jackie wanted to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, “Clelli” the showmance name of the power couple Clay and Shelli were sitting pretty not fazed by the outcome. Vanessa was trying to defend her nominations and push that it was the house decision. Jason however quickly caught on that Shelli, Clay, Liz and Austin were all working with Vanessa. Not so much for the eight people, Dark Moon Alliance, that formed this week in Vanessa’s reign as HOH.

Johnny Mac Man Of Mystery

We were treated to our second visit to a houseguest’s home with their friends, family and co-workers. This time it was for the lovable dentist, Dr. John Maguire aka Johnny Mac. To his co-workers they are seeing a new person, while his family is seeing the guy they know and love on TV trying to execute his game play. It was nice to see where the houseguests come from. Hopefully we’ll see more segments like this in future episodes!

Jason’s Exit & Julia’s Entrance

In a final last ditch effort; Jason knew he needed to secure five votes for the week. Hoping to rely on James, Jackie and Meg, he only would need to convince two more people. I’m surprised they didn’t show Jason trying to convince, John, Steve, Austin or even Liz. But Jason was right that the smartest move for him was to convince Clelli that he would be an asset to their game more than Becky. Becky’s strategy for the rest of the week was to lay low. By laying low she managed to get only two votes for her eviction meaning with seven votes, Jason was evicted from the Big Brother house.

After the commercial break from Jason’s eviction, Julia, Liz’s twin sister was given the news of her fate. The last time Julia was informed of anything was when Liz was up for eviction by Jackie. Since then Julia didn’t know Liz won BOTB which mean Liz was safe and guaranteed her entrance to the game. After a few heart wrenching moments of anticipation from Julia, Julie Chen informed her of the good news. To not many of the houseguests’ surprise, the twin twist was confirmed and Julia entered the house as an individual player. With her entrance also marked a reset in the game. Which meant the BOTB twist was over and there would be one HOH crowned each week for the rest of the season.

My Top Three Houseguests For The Week

  • Austin – Surviving a possible backdoor situation this week, he managed to get his alliance to stay intact and now have all six officially play the game this upcoming week.
  • Liz/Julia – The twins made it past five evictions. They were nominated but Liz came through with a win to ensure their safety and Julia’s chance to enter the house to officially play as an individual.
  • Vanessa – Outgoing HOH, she’s been able to keep her alliance in tact, but starting to collect a lot of blood on her hands and become a huge target.

My Bottom Three Houseguests For The Week

  • Becky – Escaped eviction and didn’t really do anything to campaign to stay. She may have known she was a pawn for the Sixth Sense but she’s not in the majority of the house and is continuing to be a floater.
  • Jackie – Even though she was HOH for a hot second this week, her influence in the house quickly went down as Jason was put up and evicted. Here’s hoping she can recover and start playing the game like she did at the beginning of this week.
  • Meg – The Dark Moon Alliance was a bust and she’s lost an ally. Can she keep her emotions in check? We’ll have to see and if she can rise up from the blindside nomination and eviction that happened this past week.

My Prediction for HOH & Nominations

Now that we are officially going to have a solo HOH, my prediction has changed, especially with an endurance competition. I predict Meg will win HOH for the week and seek revenge for Jason’s eviction. For nominations I think the plan would be to backdoor Austin, Clay, Shelli or Vanessa. But for nominations nominating the twins to hide the real target. Because then this gives them a small chance to possibly play and would most likely keep the nominations the same.

However anything can happen in the Big Brother house. Who knows will we see another BB Takeover soon? Or was that only for the first three weeks? Also now that the game has officially reset, will we have to wait a few weeks for our first double evictions? So many questions and still more weeks to come for this season. Tune in on Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS Detroit 62 to see who wins HOH from this week’s endurance competition and who the HOH nominates for eviction! Don’t forget to #BBShoutOut to tell @CBSBigBrother who you’re rooting for. More info at

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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