DETROIT (CBS Detroit) “They’ve been looking for him for 10 minutes.”

That’s the caption on a photo that’s going viral of two Grand Rapids police officers standing on a front porch in what appears to be a search. The man they’re looking for is clearly on the roof.

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The photo has been viewed more than 2.7 million times.
It has thousands of comments, including this gem: “2015 hide and seek champion of the year.”

Many questioned the person who chose to take the picture instead of helping out officers, with one man writing, “Does this make you an accomplice?”

The incident started as a domestic assault complaint in the 600 block of Lafayette Avenue on Friday, July 31. Police said when they arrived someone tried to slam the door on them, then allowed them to search inside.

Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Terry Dixon told MLive additional officers arrived to back up the men seen here on the porch, and “officers outside noticed the man on the roof and radioed the information to police inside.”

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The suspect, Edward Martin, was ordered off the roof and arrested. Charged with resisting and obstructing arrest, Martin is scheduled for a court appearance Aug. 10 in 61st District Court.

Could the neighbor who shot the picture face any repurcussions?

“At this point, we are not looking at charges at that particular person,” Grand Rapids Sgt. Terry Dixon said, adding the man was cooperative in helping out officers who were “watching him anyway.”

He said officers on the perimeter, but not pictured, also saw the man on the roof.

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“We’re doing our jobs, he was arrested,” Dixon said. “People hide in strange places all the time, the roof is actually not one of the strangest places.”