By: Evan Jankens

Like prospectors during the Gold Rush in California, people known as urban explorers climb into Detroit gems looking for anything they can turn into cold, hard cash.

And in this case, they almost literally struck gold.

A couple of explorers were sorting through an abandoned factory in the city when they came across thousand of dust-covered crates, which were full of Topps cards from the 80’s and 90’s.

Cards from that era are not exactly worth a ton but because the collection is so copious it’s deemed to be worth $1 million.

According to

‘Made in Taiwan’ and ‘packaged in the USA’ is printed on the boxes, suggesting the abandoned factory could have been used as a packaging facility, shutting down before these boxes had a chance to be shipped.

They are packed as though they had just been delivered from their manufacturing plant and were awaiting further shipment but never made their final journey.

I have collected sports cards and sports memorabilia my entire life.

As a kid, I would sit down and go through the newest Beckett price guides and write down how much each and every card was “worth.” My father would preach to me that they were only worth as much as someone would pay. It took years for that to make sense to me.

Now, I would say this is a dream come true. I couldn’t even tell you what my most valuable card is but I would have to assume that it is my 1993 Topps Derek Jeter rookie card, which is only worth at the most $100.

This discovery was in another league altogether.


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