By: Evan Jankens

Medical marijuana is a hot topic in Detroit. Whether you’re for it or against it you have heard all about it.

Complex magazine, which I used to buy back in the day when we bought magazines, was a personal favorite because they would talk about the hottest sneakers on the streets.

Since magazines have virtually disappeared, Complex has evolved with a pretty good website as well as a YouTube page.

Their new series features Damien DiStefano, who is the owner of Detroit’s Over the Moon.

According to

Weed, finally having its moment of justice in an increasing number of states all across the country, is serious business. Strict quality control is now the driving force behind a successful weed dispensary, and with competition increasing exponentially by the minute, those with the most knowledgeable approach to determining the next big strains are the kings of the industry.

Click HERE to watch the video as there is NSFW language.


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