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As I predicted the houseguests and returning jury members would all compete in one endurance competition to battle it out for HOH and to return to the game. But first, John and Steve were left on the block as Vanessa decided not to use the POV on either nominee. Plus we got to see Becky’s entrance into the jury house. Then we were taken to Wichita Falls, TX to meet some of James’ friends. Here’s my recap of last night’s live episode.

Securing Vanessa’s Vote

To ensure safety, the magic number is less than three votes for them. With the house being divided, the swing vote would be Vanessa. Meg and James would vote the same, while Julia and Liz would vote the same as well. John was hoping that by convincing Vanessa she could also get Meg and James’ vote to evict Steve for him to stay in the game. However Vanessa in her DR admits that she would vote with the twins and John would need to convince the twins to save him.

Meanwhile Steve was trying to make amends with Vanessa and explain himself. But Vanessa was putting pressure on Steve for answers. I agree with Steve in his DR that Vanessa was intimidating him. For John he was letting that incident happen in hopes that he’ll get Vanessa’s vote for safety. Steve’s time maybe up now that his relationship with Vanessa has suffered. He only hopes he can get that relationship mended.

Liz Forgives But Never Forgets

When John informed Vanessa about the five-person alliance, she was upset with John. Wanting to get answers Liz confronts John about why he told Vanessa. Liz was pretty much antagonizing John for an answer. John’s defense was to save himself from the block. He was upset that if they were in an alliance that he was getting put up on the block, made no sense. Liz and Julia knew that Vanessa was controlling the votes this week so they used that to their advantage. They want to make sure they were evicting the right person. However what they didn’t know was that, that evicted houseguest would return for a chance to reenter the game. So in some aspect this week could have been a wash. But Liz was going to make sure she makes the first attack.

When Julie Chen announced that the decision was still up in the air, I was surprised because of how the votes turned out. By another unanimous vote for 5-0 John McGuire, the Dentist of Jefferson Township, PA from Scranton, PA was evicted. Luckily for him, he would soon get the chance to fight his way back into the game during the next HOH competition. I was surprised at John’s goodbye messages and interview with Julie Chen. This year’s “America’s Favorite,” will definitely be going to John and a close second I believe would be for Da’Vonne.

My Ranking Of The Houseguests

  • Vanessa – She dodged getting nominated by her own alliance, won the POV and looks to have a rebuilt her trust with Austin, Julia and Liz. This poker player seems to be getting good hands but will her luck run out before the finale?
  • Liz – Her social game is continuing to get better. I believe she’s doing more than her showmance, Austin and her family member, twin sister Julia.
  • James – Formed an alliance with Austin and the twins. Managed to save Meg as well in the process for his safety. The practical jokester also earns some credit in my book because he’s playing a good social game like Liz.
  • Austin – Judas or Austin or whomever he goes by held HOH but not having a clear target put him in the middle of my pack rankings. He could see himself in trouble if someone other than the twins or Vanessa wins HOH this week.
  • Julia – Here’s hoping she can win a competition, she finally got to compete in a POV on her own and though she may not be the smart one in “ZingBots” eyes, I believe her social game has improved.
  • Steve – Nominated with an alliance member of his, tried to cover up getting Vanessa up on the block and being thrown under the bus by Liz. Also he was one of the first people to fall from the ground already for the HOH competition.
  • Meg – Not surprised John wants to target her, she’s floating thru the game. But her social game is getting stronger.

My Prediction for Returning Jury Member, HOH & Nominations

I really hope and predict John returns to the game, pretty much negating what had all transpired last week. And it would be even better if John also won HOH this week. If he does win, I hope he does not stick with his goal of targeting James or Meg. His real targets should really be Austin and Julia. So I predict John wins his reentry to the game, is also the last person standing and nominates Austin and Julia for eviction.

We’ll just have to wait and see on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see if my predictions are correct.


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