DETROIT (CBS Detroit) There are all sorts of reasons police can pull over someone they deem suspicious, from a dirty license plate to a blown bulb in the backup lights.

And then there’s this: “You turned your turn signal on, but you didn’t do it 100 feet before the turn.”

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That’s why an Ohio cop told Detroiter John Felton he turned on the overheads as Felton drove near his mother’s house in Dayton, Ohio.

Felton, formerly an employee of Quicken Loans, gave the cop his license and insurance and then asked why he had followed him turn for turn before pulling him over. Felton said, as a black man, it made him nervous to draw police attention while knowing he was doing nothing wrong.

Why was he really pulled over? “Because you made direct eye contact with me and held on to it while I was passing you,” the officer said.

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“What, I made direct eye contact? I didn’t even see you,” Felton said, obviously stunned. The officer replied that he didn’t want to argue about it so he could just give him a citation and take it to court. Otherwise, he was going to let him off with a warning.

Felton shot a video of the entire incident and posted it on his Facebook page, writing:

“This is why I hate coming to Dayton. #DaytonPolice trailed me for almost 2 miles before pulling me over in front of my mom crib. He had no grounds for following/trailing me other than seeing an Infiniti with Michigan plates. His reason? “I gave him direct eye contact while passing him.” What kind of sh** is that? #DaytonPolice this cop needs to be on desk duty. Fake ass white collar thugs eager to meet their quota.”

The video has 789 shares and comments ranging from disbelief to anger.

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For their part, Dayton police say the incident is under review.