SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) — Ohio governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich spoke at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield on Monday, touching on everything from the economy to national security and ISIS.

Invited by the group Americans For Peace, Prosperity And Security — a group organized by former Republican Congressman Mike Rogers — Kasich said that America is in dire need of a stronger military, touting his 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee in Washington D.C.

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Kasich spoke of global challenges, including civil war in Iraq and the fight against ISIS. He said it’s key that the West wins the “battle of ideas” in the region.

“Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus — all of the leaders of the great faiths of this world — where are they today?” Kasich said. “What message are they sending to people about a trip to paradise is blowing up innocent people in a market somewhere? It’s a battle of ideas, at the same time it’s also a need for a military victory.

“ISIS is an attack on Western civilization,” Kasich told the crowd. “It’s not just something that we’re witnessing in one part of the world now. Them and groups like them represent an attack on who we are as people.”

The governor, like many Republicans, called the pending deal with Iran a bad one. As for the subject of China, Kasich said it’s a multi-faceted situation.

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“My approach to China is that we shouldn’t be looking at them with rose-colored glasses,” Kasich said. “We don’t need to view them as an enemy, but certainly not as an ally. I think, again, it’s a balance.”

Kasich also said America is not prepared to “go on the defensive” in the event of a major attack on cyber security.

“There is a balance between national security and personal liberty,” Kasich said. “On that basis, I’ve always felt that when they need to access something we need to have a court that can operate in an expedited manner. But obviously in a crisis situation — something that’s Jack Bauer ’24’ — we’re going to have to operate just as quickly as we need to.”

According to the Des Moines Register, Kasich polled tied for 10th among GOP hopefuls.

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Kasich is staying in Michigan through Tuesday when he will speak to the Lansing Chamber of Commerce.