WYANDOTTE (WWJ) – A Downriver teen reportedly duped her family and friends into thinking she was pregnant with triplets, accepting cash and gifts — but the 10-month ordeal apparently was all just a scam she pulled off with help from the internet.

According to a report by WJBK, the 16-year-old Wyandotte girl first shocked those around her when she announced she was pregnant with not one but three babies. Shock eventually turned into support as the family pulled together to prepare for the birth.

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The teen started showing off ultrasound photos and her rapidly growing baby bump, and even named the babies: Ivan, Alice and Isabella. Relatives threw a baby shower and the girl accepted “thousands of dollars” in donations and gifts from a church in Taylor, a nonprofit in Dearborn and a Facebook group called Moms of Triplets.

But when the 9-month mark came and went, several people started to become suspicious. The teen allegedly explained away their suspicions, saying doctors told her the babies needed more time to grow. The teen then said she was supposed to have a C-section, but claimed that she lost the babies and refused to go to the doctor, according to report.

The mother of the boy who was told he was the expecting father, told WJBK that they started investigating the girl’s story and couldn’t find her doctors. Soon after, they were contacted by an Ohio woman from the Moms of Triplets Facebook page, who discovered that the teen was using bogus ultrasound photos from the website Fakeababy.com.

“Need a bun in the oven? We can help,” the website claims.

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From ultrasounds and sonograms to silicone bellies and fake pregnancy tests, Fakeababy.com sells everything someone would need to do just that — fake a pregnancy. The website, however, states that all items are intended as gags and not for use as fraudulent purposes.

An ultrasound sold by the website reportedly matches one used by the girl. When relatives made the connection, they contacted police — who are now investigating the case. It’s not yet clear if the girl was ever pregnant, or if she was faking it all along.

The girl’s actions might be criminal, due to the donations she accepted under what could potentially be false pretenses.

An investigation is ongoing.


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