By Ashley Scoby

If Lions head coach Jim Caldwell stubbed his toe on the way into a news conference, and someone asked him if he was okay, it’s likely Caldwell would just say to check the injury report.

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With Detroit’s injury list starting to pile up, Caldwell has continued to patently refuse to discuss injuries, nor give any kind of details on severity.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford, cornerback Darius Slay and tight end Brandon Pettigrew all were banged up in some form or fashion in Sunday’s 33-28 loss to the Chargers. But it’s likely no one will know much about those situations until Wednesday’s injury report is released.

Stafford took a hard blind-side hit from Melvin Ingram Sunday, and finished the game in a sleeve on his right arm. On the play where he was hit, Stafford threw an interception, then added another later in the game.

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But Caldwell would not say whether the injury was a long-term concern, or if it had anything to do with Stafford’s declining performance in the second half. Stafford finished the game having thrown 19 of 30 passes for 246 yards, two touchdowns and two picks.

“Any time you take a hit like that, it’s unexpected, and hits you from the blind side like that, obviously it’s going to disrupt you a little bit,” Caldwell said. “He hit him pretty flush. He (Stafford) is a tough guy and he was able to bounce back and come back strong enough to lead us down the field and score and put us in position if we get an onside kick, to tie the thing up.”

Asked if he could pinpoint where the problem was that led to the hit on Stafford, Caldwell didn’t hit on anything specifically.

“Those are issues we’ve got to get straightened out,” he said. “One sack is too many; one hit on our quarterback is one too many. … It’s a myriad of a couple different issues.”

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