DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – Michigan continues to be one of the top ten states in the country for car-deer crashes. New State Farm data shows Michigan drivers have a 1-in-97 percent chance of a hitting a deer, almost twice as high as the national average.

That’s tenth among U.S. states. West Virginia was first and Hawaii was last. October, November, and December are the months when drivers are most likely to collide with deer, mostly due to their mating and hunting seasons.

The insurance company says the national cost per claim average is $4,135, which is up 6 percent from 2014 when the average was $3,888.

State Farm gives a few tips to avoid becoming a statistic:

Injuries, vehicle damage and fatalities all can result from vehicle collisions with deer. In 2013, 191 deaths were the result of collisions with animals, with deer being the animal most often struck, according to the Insurance Information Institute and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

These tips could help drivers avoid a collision:

Use extra caution in known deer zones
Always wear your seatbelt
At night, when there is no oncoming traffic, use high beams
Avoid swerving when you see a deer
Scan the road for deer and other danger signs
Do not rely on devices such as deer whistles

State Farm notes deer facts that all drivers should know:

Deer are on all roads
Deer are unpredictable
Deer often move in groups
Deer movement is most prevalent in the fall
Dusk to dawn are high risk times