You may have seen Kevin Lamb while attending Detroit’s music events or community gatherings – proudly equipped with his large “This is a Good Sign” staff. Standing six feet, seven inches tall and carrying a large yellow sign, Kevin is hard to miss. Detroit Proud discovered Kevin Lamb (aka 6’7″ Kevin or the “Good Sign Man”) trying to remind local Detroiters of the power of positivity and wanted to share his story.

Kevin may have a challenge shopping for shoes or extra long pants, but his gigantic smile and personality seem to fit him with ease as he turns strangers into friends by reminding them to take notice of the “good” that is all around us. He does this, in part, with actual signs (with a design inspired by the traditional, yellow, diamond-shaped street signs) that say “This is a Good Sign.” Kevin brings his “This is a Good Sign” staff to local events…and other “Good Sign” ambassadors proudly showcase theirs around town as well, generating positive energy wherever they go!

Music was an important piece of Kevin’s personal inspiration – something most music fans can relate to. Kevin has put the uplifting feeling music delivers into motion and now advocates for others to join the “Good Sign” movement to inspire others. Active in the community and social media, “This is a Good Sign” has gained momentum and has been rocking and rolling!

Detroit Proud caught up with the “Good Sign Man” to find out more about his cause, what inspires him, and to hear more about the value of compassion and connecting with those around us. Check it out!

Explain how you became the spokesperson for “This is a Good Sign” & why you’re passionate about this project.

I believe we are given gifts for a reason. Some spend lifetimes searching for that reason, while others trust their intuition and imagination enough to discover it early on in their journey. I have a way with words and people, given to me to help others. I was given a “Good Sign” before I ever met its founder, Eric Dennis. I recognized it as a platform to share my words with the world. You could have the cure to cancer, but if you’re an a**hole, you might not help anyone. Good Signs are a common access point, creating context for the delivery of good news, by way of good humans, and Good Sign Ambassadors.

I met Eric while bringing needed goods to the homeless with my friend Kyle Williams, in an effort to challenge citizens to help their community using minimal resources. There is a great disconnect between those who help, and the beneficiary of that good will. With our own two hands, two eyes, head, heart and soul, we have the ability and duty to leave meaningful fingerprints on the lives of others. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing, feeling, and embracing the fulfillment that resides within benevolence. A weary heart knows no greater remedy than helping hands. By way of great determination, consistency, and optimism, I decided to spend my time healing the hearts and minds of the masses, despite its great weight upon my heavy heart.

(courtesy: kevin lamb)

Tell Detroit Proud readers how you landed on the path of trying to make a difference in the lives of others. 

I spent most of my young life thinking I would play baseball for a living, then I tore my rotator cuff and labrum, twice. I let go of the game I love knowing I had other gifts, although it took me a while to commit to them. Briefly before being given my first “Good Sign,” I was listening to my favorite band, The Avett Brothers, when their song “Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise” changed my life, and so many others: “If you’ve been loved by someone you’re never rejected, decide what to be and go be it.” Since committing my life to playing baseball, and having to let go of the game I traveled the country, playing year-round since I was eight-years-old, I was yet to choose another path. While I worked a number of jobs, and furthered my education with Master’s in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga, it wasn’t until that lyric shook my world that everything changed, and I chose to begin again.

I asked myself what I was best at: writing. With the choice of committing to my gifts and being a writer, came the choice to be a brand ambassador, a blogger, a social media manager, a salesmen, an author, a journalist, a radio show host, a laborer, a product specialist, a coach, an editor, a web developer, a public relations director, a substitute teacher, a photographer, and ultimately, whatever is necessary (for Good Sign), so that I can do what I love, and believe I was put on this earth to do. It’s perpetually a struggle; rarely understood; yet the most significant and rewarding choice I have ever made. Everyday I search for another opportunity to keep this fire burning; every day I pray for those who are willing go to battle for our people and our planet; and every day I am grateful for the bed I sleep, the home I keep, and the ones I love.

(courtesy: kevin lamb)

What makes Detroit a unique place to deliver this kind of message?

It is a spectacular time to live in Detroit, yet much of the world is being spoon-fed a different story. Throughout my travels across the US, I am frequently met by a look of shock and pity upon revealing my origin, and home. However, we have the opportunity to deliver hope, and a reminder in the form of a Good Sign to the world, of what Detroit is really made of. As one of this planet’s creative epicenters, our underdog story will serve as trail of breadcrumbs for other cities, and nations to follow. Passion literally translates from struggle. Our struggle is well-documented; we’re excited to tell a story that inspires. In many cities, it’s difficult to make an impression; to be more than a dot on the radar. Detroit provides a backdrop for the measurable difference a single person or organization can make. We have the rarest opportunity to build our city with integrity, sustainability, and compassion.

(courtesy: kevin lamb)

How have you witnessed the power of positivity?

Every day I witness a symbol, given strength by the good people who carry, wear, and share it on six continents. In a world at war with itself, I have witnessed the healing power of love, carried in the hearts, good will, and footsteps of an ever-present and exponentially-growing world community, who choose to be moved by the spectacular actions of our species, rather than being consumed and defeated by the wicked and desperate. I have witnessed the testimonial of a cancer survivor here in our Detroit community, who kept the Good Sign I gave him by his side through treatments in hospitals, and with it, made the choice to be optimistic and believe he would triumph over disease. Soon, he will open his own tattoo shop, and now lives cancer free. I have been brought to tears by young men and women who revealed that discovering a Good Sign saved their life, literally. I have witnessed the beating heart of an inspired Detroit community, reminded that we must join forces and collaborate, and tell a story of rebirth; a story of an underdog.

Explain how this project has spread across Detroit, the country…and the world!

Good Sign was founded in 2010 in St. Augustine, Florida to help people feel better, and combat the fear and the division in the world. What began as a desire to strengthen communities, transformed into a worldwide movement focused on being positive. Today, hundreds of thousands of Good Sign Ambassadors encourage and empower their community, reminding others to be happy, and hopeful. Behind Istanbul, Detroit represents our largest community. Recently named a “Top Agent of Change” by  Huffington Post, our grassroots social movement and brand has gone viral in the hands of good people who believe and need them enough to carry, wear, and share them with strangers, friends, and family. Wherever Good Signs reside, a story of enduring passion, hope, and spectacle remind the power of a united and benevolent people. Whether it’s a sticker on the back of a phone, a t-shirt, hat, store window, pin, photo, folder, or notebook, Good Signs have infiltrated a world divided by fear, giving all people of this planet a common, non-denominational, non-political sign of hope, community, and progress.

(courtesy: kevin lamb)

Who are some local musicians, artists, & community organizations that have helped “Good Sign”?

For years, musicians have aligned themselves with our cause, since after all, it’s everyone’s cause. Whether that means taping a Good Sign to their drum kit, providing us tickets and photo passes to their show (The Woven Tangles), or talking about our effort on stage, local musicians, and musicians around the world have collectively vouched that it is in fact, a Good Sign. Over the summer, we’ve had the pleasure of working with folks like Colin McConnell, Dane and Tyler Wittig, who are riding their bicycles to Austin, Texas for charity (Detroit2Austin); Marty Sheedy, of Project Scissor Gate; Sound and Silence Magazine; Falafill Detroit; ZIPR Magazine; Ramona Yvonne; and Megan Guastella.

(courtesy: kevin lamb)

In today’s digital age, why is it important that we make an effort to connect with those around us face-to-face?

Evolving communication technologies continue to devolve our ability to communicate interpersonally. Life is about balance, yet I feel it slipping away. Technology is a beautiful tool, but we must not let go of our ability and desire to communicate face-to-face…to feel, embrace, and help one another. Community is given strength through presence; we must not underestimate the value in showing up. Fear-based and irresponsible media and marketing continue to fracture a world community that it is desperate for one another’s love, compassion, and collaboration. It is a spectacular time to be living: goodness and resources are abundant, yet locally, and globally our people suffer, starve, and go unsheltered. Too often we ask “What is the meaning of life?” When in reality, the question we ought to ask is “Who is the meaning of life?” And it’s each other.

How can Detroit Proud readers get involved? What can we do to connect with people in need?

If you or your organization align with our effort, contact us by phone or email and let’s talk about how we can help one another spread a message that we all need a little bit more of. Whether you envision yourself as a a partner in our community efforts, an investor or fellow ambassador of good news, good deeds, and Good Signs, let’s continue on this journey together. Help us #InspireDetroit

What would be the message or actions you hope others take after reading this?

Take a deep breath, pause, exhale, and “Believe in the good things coming.” But don’t stop there: don’t simply believe, but BE the good things coming. Visit, subscribe for updates on the release of Good Sign Magazine, visit our online store, check out our awesome “Good Sign Ambassador” packages, visit Funky 7 on Main Street in Royal Oak and buy a vintage Retro Brand Good Sign T-Shirt. Checkt out inspirational blog content; like our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Lastly, be reminded that you only get out of a community what you put into it.

Detroit Proud wants to thank Kevin for taking the time to share his story. Interested in helping the “Good Sign Man” inspire Detroit? Check out the links above to find out how YOU can make a difference!