DETROIT (WWJ) – A lot of activity — hurried activity — at the Ransom Gillis mansion in Detroit. The house in Brush Park, just east of Woodward and north of Comerica Park, is being rehabbed by HGTV’s “Rehab Addict,” Nicole Curtis, who recently posted a progress report online.

Rehab Addict 2 (MCampbell)“Look at this … floors; which we did the other night,” Curtis tells us via social media.

Much like any construction project, when it comes to deadlines, there is usually what seems to be an overwhelming amount of work still to be done.

Working from her punch list Curtis says she still needs to get the windows in.

In the video, as Curtis takes viewers on the update tour, she asks workers when they think the house will be done, then offers her own prediction:

“Honestly, it has to be done sooner than all of these guys bet, because this house is featured in our new episode, November 5th, yes, November 5th, I said it,” says Curtis.

This is not the first house Curtis has rehabbed in her adopted hometown of Detroit and featured on her cable TV show.

And as with the other homes in other parts of the city, the Lake Orion-native says, she hopes the HGTV redo will serve as a spark and ignite other rehabs in the surrounding neighborhood.


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