Parents in the midst of picking up their children from a daycare center were suddenly interrupted by a pickup truck smashing through the front window of the building.

Owner of Stacy’s Early Childhood Center says no one was injured but the aftershock to parents and children close to the accident continues.

“Your first thing is ‘keep the kids safe’ and that didn’t happen last night … the kids were not safe. So I’m trying to be thankful no one was hurt but I’m having a hard time getting over the fact that they weren’t safe,” said Stacy Olesco, owner of the daycare.

Stacy Bakaguard was picking up her two children when it happened.

She’s grateful the children are safe but still has a difficult time when she thinks of what could have happened.

“You know, what if the kids were in the room? They play in that room, they sleep in that room,” says Stacy. “It rained … an hour after all of this happened , and so what if it had rained earlier and they were all in that room. What if he does this again? That’s what I keep thinking of.”

Kurt Schellenberger, 43, is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday in Livingston County.

According to police reports Schellenberger was nearly three times the legal limit for alcohol. He suffered minor injuries in the April crash.

This is his third drunk driving offense.


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