By: Jeff Riger

Everybody has an opinion and when it comes to the NFL, everybody has a prediction too. It’s tradition. When the new schedule comes out, you grab your pen and mark W’s and L’s under each game thinking you have nailed how the Lions will do this season.

When the 2015 slate came out, many Lions fans were taken aback with how difficult the start of the season was. Game one, the team had to go on the road and face Philip Rivers, followed by Adrian Peterson on the road in game two and then when the team finally came back for the season opener is was against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Of course we know how these games turned out and nobody is really surprised. Everybody knew how tough the first four games would be and game five isn’t any easier as Arizona is in town and Detroit could be staring at an 0-5 start.

Way back in April, Lions safety Glover Quin was asked about the schedule and how he thought his team would do? He quickly proclaimed that he thought Detroit would go 7-1 with the only loss coming to Seattle on Monday night football.

Since it’s pretty rare that a player even makes a prediction, he was asked to comment on it on Wednesday. Check out the video to find out his answer.

Oh, one more thing…

The media makes prediction too and since we asked Glover to comment on his I’m more than willing to comment on mine. I picked the Lions to go 4-12 and unfortunately that prediction is looking more and more like a reality everyday.


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