HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – While Gov. Rick Snyder says “come to Michigan” one Detroit-area mayor is speaking out against accepting refugees from overseas.

Taking a different position than Snyder, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and President Barack Obama, Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom says: Let’s take care of home first.

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“You know, you look at the attention that’s being put on the Syrian crisis and, you know, with the refugees coming to America, and providing resources that the government has set aside for those individuals…Well, we have people right here in our community that are going through similar situations,” Windom said.

“We’re not at war, but there is a war going on in our city.”

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Windom said while he understand and appreciates President Obama’s goal of helping people on a global scale, he’d like to see just as much emphasis placed on those who are struggling to survive in the U.S.

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“I just wanted to bring to the attention to the world about the issues that we have here in our city and the issues that plague all urban cities around America,” he said.

“You have people here without light, without gas, without water, without shelter — and no emphasis is being put on what can we do to help our fellow man here in America,” Windom said. “I’m not against reaching out to help other people outside of America, but we have some very serious situations going on right here within our city.”

Specifically, Windom said, he’d like to see help from the government for out-of-work and homeless U.S. veterans.

Comment from Windom on the refugee issue came as he worked the drive-thru at a local Burger King Friday as part of his “Business Drive-thru Tour.”

Gov. Snyder, a Republican, last week said Michigan should expect to see more Syrian refugees in the coming months as he continues talks with federal officials about the role the state can play in helping people from war-torn areas of that country.

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Meantime, others in the GOP have taken an opposing stance, including presidential candidate Ted Cruz who said allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. is “crazy.”