DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit City Council has approved a plan to license more than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. The issue concerning zoning rules is still on the table.

The ordinance outlines where the dispensaries will (and will not) be within the city of Detroit says City Corporation Counsel Melvin “Butch” Hollowell.

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“This ordinance doesn’t do anything other than to say that it can’t all be in one strip of 8 Mile — it says it’s got to be spread out so it has to be available and convenient for all of our citizens,” says Hollowell. “There won’t be hundreds of them, there will be a certain number that will be a reasonable number based upon the zoning criteria.”

The vote was 6-to-1 with Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry pushing to delay the vote.

He wanted a revised proposal to include 24-hour dispensaries and drive-through services.

“I’m offering amendments today as a member of this council,” says Cushingberry. “And I think I still have the opportunity to offer amendments on the question of taking it from the table – that’s under the rules.”

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Council President Brenda Jones was not interested in delaying the vote.

“If you put it on the record yesterday, why do you want to put it on the record again today?” asked Jones.

“Number one, because it didn’t get considered,” replied Cushingberry.” And so I’m being told I should have somehow brought it up again for a new version of the bill I was handed today … that’s not fair.”

Those with a license to dispense would be subject to a background check.

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A zoning ordinance for Detroit’s medical marijuana facilities will be taken up on Thursday. Once the zoning portion is determined the ordinance will take effect.