DETROIT (WWJ) – Female entrepreneurs from across the country will be heading to the Peach State in November for a conference designed especially for women business owners. WWJ’s Terri Lee is one of the event’s hand-picked ambassadors, who come from all 50 states.

“Women Entrepreneurs Rock is an annual conference that’s held in Atlanta, Georgia,” said Edeline Francois-Dryden, owner of Dryden Tax and Accounting Services and co-founder of Women Entrepreneurs Rock (WeRock). “We’re in our fifth year; it started off as just a workshop for my clients and some women entrepreneurs that I network with that has grown into this two-day conference … an interactive conference where we empower, inspire and educate women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business to the next level.”

The two-day conference — set for November 14 and 15, 2015 — includes a number of workshops that Francois-Dryden says will be especially beneficial to women entrepreneurs whether they’re just starting out or they’re seasoned business owners.

“We have a special program for veterans that are transitioning into becoming an entrepreneur … where we’ll go through different training to help them start their business. And then, we have some information for those that are already in business, and maybe they may need help in certain areas, like marketing, social media.”

Edeline Francois-Dryden

Edeline Francois-Dryden

“Later that day on Friday, we have a ‘Rock Your Image’ panel. We have a jewelry specialist, we have an image consultant and then we have a makeup artist. The ‘Rock Your Image’ panel was put in place so that women can understand the importance of a first impression when they’re out networking, and when they’re out making deals,” Francois-Dryden added.

“After that, we have Shaun Thomas; she’s one of our sponsors, and she’s going to talk about … the importance of using the Internet for marketing their business and she’s going to demonstrate with the ladies … how to use the ‘WeRock’ app.”

There are also a number of other workshops, including ‘Rock Your Health’. “I’m really excited about all the panels, but most importantly with the ‘Rock Your Health’ panel because we tend to put our health on the back burner because we’re out running our business and trying to grow our business (and) we’re not eating right, we’re not exercising,” Francois-Dryden went on to say. “So the ladies there (will) talk about the importance of health because without our health, we won’t be able to run a business.”

With the conference now in its fifth year, and more than 100 attendees expected, what keeps women entrepreneurs coming back?

“I think it’s my passion to help women entrepreneurs,” Francois-Dryden answered. “As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles that we go through, especially when we have to wear many hats. Some of us are moms, some of us are wives, and running a business is really a struggle, and I felt that if I can create a platform where they can come and get the tools that they need to help them, then we can help them stay in business.”

For more information and to register, visit the conference’s website here.

Sponsors of WeRock 2015 include Experience Connections and Sisters United which are the conference’s longest-running supporters. Additional sponsors include Volvo, PNC Bank and Resurgence Bank.

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