ALLEN PARK (WWJ) — Sound the alarm! Someone has stolen the Allen Park Fire Department’s Dalmatian.

Not a real dog, but their dog statue. Allen Park fire chief Doug LaFond thinks “Sparky” was taken during a recent open house.

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“At some point during our open house, Sparky turned up missing,” LaFond said. “He was there in the morning and then we have pictures later on in the afternoon, you can see where he was and he’s not there anymore. We didn’t actually catch anyone running off with him, but at some point in those few hours he disappeared.”

The statue is described as a standard-looking Dalmatian, except it’s missing its back-right paw. Several people posted to the department’s Facebook page offering to donate a replacement if the original isn’t found.

(Facebook photo)

(Facebook photo)

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Sparky was donated to the fire department over the summer by a resident’s wife who wanted the statue out of their house.

“We’ve kind of became attached to him and like seeing him out there,” LaFond said.

LaFond just wants Sparky returned, no questions asked.

“We would just hope that Sparky turns back up, no questions asked,” LaFond said. “I was driving in this morning hoping he would be sitting out there, but he wasn’t so we’re still waiting. Hopefully, it’s just a prank and somebody is going to return him.”

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The fire chief even checked with some local animal shelters to see if pranksters may have dropped Sparky off as a joke.