By: Evan Jankens

Being a rookie in the NFL has it perks but apparently it has its downfalls as well.

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The Redskins went out to dinner and left the tab for the rookies. How much could the tab be? Let’s just say it was roughly the price of a car.

Jeron Johnson, a DB for the Redskins, put a photo of the bill on his Instagram page and the total came out to $22,159.04. He captioned it: “Rookie dinner lit!”

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DT Terrance Knighton also put out a photo of the bill.

I think the $15 truffle butter wasn’t needed and I want to know who got the $5 Shirley Temple. At least you know the server made out, the gratuity was $2,935.76.

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There is never a wrong reason to use this Kirk Cousins Vine, but I think it’s particularly apt in this case.