Clayton Gabany waits outside GameStop in Canton. (credit: Ryan Wooley/CBS Detroit)

Clayton Gabany waits outside GameStop in Canton. (credit: Ryan Wooley/CBS Detroit)

By Marisa Fusinski

CANTON (CBS Detroit) – With Black Friday still a few weeks away, a young man camped out at a Canton strip mall was a surprise to see.

Armed with Cheetos and Gatorade, Clay Gabany has been waiting (in his flannel pants) outside GameStop since 4 p.m. Tuesday to be the first to get his hands on a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PlayStation 4 limited edition console.

The system — which comes bundled with the newest Call of Duty video game and a “sweet” controller, according to Gabany — is set to be released at midnight Thursday.

The 20-year-old Belleville resident told CBS Detroit this is the second time he’s camped out for a gaming system and he’s done it for new games before, too.

Why’s Call of Duty worth the trouble?

“The zombies,” Gabany said. “The zombies, and just like meeting all the really cool people that come through.”

Gabany came on his own, but he expects a crowd to join him shortly. That’s why all the Gatorade.

“I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of people here,” he said. “If people get here later, no stores are going to be open then — and I’m sure people are going to be thirsty.”

In fact, that’s half the point of the campout, he explained.

“You can just like talk to a bunch of great people who you didn’t know were out there, and you can make friends with them to play PlayStaion or Xbox later,” Gabany said.

Doesn’t he have anywhere he needs to be?

“I have a job but they gave me a week off because I’m about to have a baby,” Gabany said.

“My girlfriend could pop at any time,” he added, assuring us that caring for a newborn won’t prevent him from testing out his new game.

“Yeah, I’ll have time (to play)! Even if it’s ten minutes, that’s fine with me.”


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