ELKHART, Ind. (AP) – A 20-year-old Indiana man sentenced to two years’ probation for having consensual sex with a 14-year-old Michigan girl who lied about her age has been taken off sex offender registries in both states, and his lawyer said he is seeking to modify some terms of his probation.

Scott Grabel told The Associated Press on Thursday that some terms imposed on Zach Anderson of Elkhart by the Elkhart County Probation Department are more restrictive than those handed down last month by Berrien County (Michigan) Judge Angela Pasula.

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As an example, Pasula ruled Anderson can’t have unaccompanied contact with anyone under anyone under age 17 other than a sibling. Grabel said the Elkhart County Probation Department doesn’t allow Anderson to visit a home where young children are present even when there is an adult present.

Anderson’s father, Les, told The Elkhart Truth that with the tighter restrictions, his son “almost becomes an outcast again to society.”

Anderson originally spent 75 days in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct, but sought a resentencing from a different judge because his name would have been on Michigan’s sex-offender registry for 25 years and on Indiana’s for life.

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Pasula last month resentenced Anderson under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Training Act, which allows first-time offenders ages 17 to 21 to have criminal convictions expunged if certain conditions are met.

Anderson said his son is working full time, which is one of the requirements of his probation. He added that Zach also wants to continue his studies at Ivy Tech Community College in Elkhart.

“He just wants to be able to move on with life and do things without all of the extreme restrictions,” Anderson said.

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