DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – A lucky litter of puppies was rescued from an abandoned Detroit home just before it was bulldozed.

Pam Dybowski, a rescue driver with the Michigan Humane Society, said they got a call from a concerned member of the demolition crew.

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“They were about to take down a house,” Dybowski said. “They said when they were about to they heard puppies inside the house, so they called us and we went out.”

The MHS rescue team searched the crumbling home, Dybowski finding some puppies hiding under a dresser in a junk-stuffed basement. The little guys scattered, and it was a bit of a project rounding them up.

“There was a lot of stuff in that closet area. I think there was five love seats, four bicycles, just a bunch of furniture, to where the puppies were hiding underneath that furniture where it was difficult to get to them,” she said.

“After we got all the puppies from that little closet area, we double-checked and we triple-checked the whole house — upstairs and downstairs — just to make sure we got all the puppies out of the house before the demolition crew came in.”

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A total of eight (absolutely adorable) puppies were found.

Dybowski said there was no sign of the mother dog, but the puppies were old enough to be away from mom. They were taken to an MHS shelter where they were vaccinated and checked out by a vet.

“They were shy at first,” Dybowski said,”but they seemed to warm up to us; and now they are very happy, outgoing puppies.”

After a few days, all of the puppies were made available for adoption.

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MHS says donations from the public make rescues like this possible. To donate, click here. Those interested in adopting a pet, can visit this link.