DETROIT (WWJ) – Most people in Michigan don’t think guns should be allowed in schools, whether the weapons are concealed or openly carried.

That’s the finding of a new EPIC-MRA poll of statewide voters released Monday.

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The poll finds 69 percent of those surveyed oppose open carry in schools, while 57 percent opposed concealed carry.

According to EPIC-MRA President Bernie Porn, a majority of those surveyed also said they think only law enforcement officers should be allowed to have guns in school.

“(We asked if) the legislature should only pass laws that prohibit people from bringing weapons into schools, regardless of how they are carried. Do you agree or disagree?” said Porn. “Sixty-one percent said that they agree with that statement; 33 percent disagree. Only 6 percent were undecided.”

For the purposes of the poll, EPIC-MRA defines the term, “open carry” as referring to a pistol that observers can clearly see in a holster on the hip, or attached in some other manner on the outside of the person’s clothing.  The term “concealed carry” means that the owner of a pistol is carrying it under his or her clothing or otherwise so the pistol is not visible to observers.

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It should be noted that it’s illegal in Michigan for a person to carry a concealed pistol unless that individual possesses a Concealed Pistol License.

These poll results comes as Michigan lawmakers are debating whether guns should be permitted in school buildings.

EPIC-MRA summarized by saying, based on these poll results, “the legislative discussion involving open-vs.-concealed-carry-in-schools is akin to a doctor asking a patient if they would prefer applying leeches or bloodletting to treat their ailment, when in reality the patient doesn’t favor either option.”

“That is, with over three of five voters expressing a strong preference for no firearms in schools at all, it would seem that the current legislative approach of permitting concealed carry as a condition of banning open carry is missing the mark.”

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Do you agree with the majority according to these poll results? Comment below.