By Danny Cox

The Detroit Lions know they’re either playing for a high draft pick in 2016 or playing for pride. The possibility of getting into the playoffs is slim to none, but it isn’t believed that they’re going to give up the fight. Unfortunately, they’re coming off of their bye week to face off with the Green Bay Packers – a team that has lost two straight games after starting off 6-0, and they’re not happy.

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Season Record

After starting off 6-0 and looking like the prime NFC contender for the Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers have lost two in a row. They’re not a happy team right now and are even fighting with one another on the sideline, but head coach Mike McCarthy likes the fire in his players and wants them to deliver it on the field to their opponents.

Green Bay Packers on Offense

It’s obvious that Aaron Rodgers is missing Jordy Nelson who is gone for the year, but he’s certainly spreading the ball around. James Jones, Randall Cobb, Richard Rogers, Davante Adams…take your pick and Rodgers is finding them while keeping the ball away from opposing defense. He has just three interceptions to his 19 touchdowns this season.

The running game isn’t nearly as strong as it has been in recent years, but Eddie Lacy and James Starks are still big-time runners. Fans just keep waiting for them to break one open, but it isn’t really happening. Detroit can stop them, but if they do, the secondary needs to step it up.

Green Bay Packers on Defense

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The Packers typically have a pretty good defense, but they’ve given up a lot of points this season. They gave up 29 and 37 in their two losses. In some of their wins, they’ve given up 23, 28, and 20. This is where the Lions can really take advantage and try to run up the score and then shut the Pack down on defense to stop the comeback.

Matthew Stafford will have to keep his eyes peeled on the pass rush though. Lots of big-time stars will be coming after him including Clay Matthews (4.5 sacks), Julius Peppers (5.5), Nick Perry (3), and Mike Daniels (3.5). If Stafford can stay upright, the Lions can have Calvin Johnson and Lance Moore get behind the secondary and light it up.

Green Bay Packers Players to Watch

Obviously, the eyes need to be on Aaron Rodgers at all times. Not only does he have a whole host of targets to choose from, but he can run when he needs to or wants to as well. Stop Aaron Rodgers, stop the Green Bay Packers, but that is no easy task.

Julius Peppers seems rejuvenated since arriving in Green Bay, and he’s a force to be reckoned with at all times. Not only is he angry at his opponents, but it appears as if he is angry with teammates too. If his focus can be on the Lions and no-one else, then it’s going to be a long day for Detroit.


The Detroit Lions are not having any favors come their way by drawing the Green Bay Packers after their bye week. Yes, anything is possible and they certainly have the talent to defeat the Packers, but it doesn’t help that they’re heading into a hostile Lambeau Field.

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