By Christy Strawser

NORTHVILLE (CBS Detroit) He has rave Internet reviews for hospitality and warmth, and now George Dimopoulos of George’s Senate Coney Island is shining up his reputation even more.

He’s offering free food all day long on Thanksgiving at his Northville restaurant.

Not everyone has a robust family who gather around a table groaning with homemade goodies. Some are alone,  unmoored by tragedy or bad fortune, unrepresented by the mass media depiction of holiday bliss.

Nowhere to go? No problem. George has you covered.

Dimopoulos, 69, a Greek immigrant, said he was moved to create the free offer because when he was a young child in post-war Europe, one of seven in the family, he sometimes had no food to eat. Sometimes, someone stopped by with bits of food for the family and he never forgot the kindness.

He arrived here in 1969 without speaking a word of English and worked his way up from kitchen help to owning four restaurants. There were people, kind people, who helped him along the way.

He knows he’ll never be hungry again, and he likes to return the favor.

George’s restaurant in Northville is home to the $11.95 Tuesday and Friday buffet, the $10.95 walleye dinner special and what some say is the best lemon rice soup around. The grape leaves, spaghetti, and stuffed cabbage are fan favorites, too.

On Thanksgiving, he’ll have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner — complete with filet mignon and roasted potatoes, turkey and stuffing, desserts and fruits.

“I’ll be here all day,” he says. “I hope I see a lot of people.”





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