DETROIT (WWJ) – AAA Michigan is calling on car companies to bring back spare tires.

WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert reports you may not even know if your new car has a spare — but many don’t.

Susan Hiltz of AAA says more auto companies are eliminating spares, and substituting inflator kits, as a way to save weight and money.

“Tire inflator kits have replaced spare tires in 29 million vehicles in the last ten model years. So that’s a lot of people that are on the road without a spare,” Hiltz said.

Hiltz isn’t too crazy about the kits.

“When it comes to like a blowout or a pothole or curb-related damage, the tire inflator kit is not gonna work,” she said.

Hiltz said many drivers calling AAA are surprised when they find out that they don’t have a spare tire, and that it’s important to ask about this when you buy a new car.

Hiltz would also like to see more new drivers trained in the art of changing a tire. According to AAA, one in five Millennials don’t know how to do that.


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