REDFORD (WWJ) – Beg bugs have been found at a middle school in Redford but administrators are urging parents not to worry, they say it’s an isolated case and the school is not infested.

Redford Union Schools sent a letter to parents on Monday saying the bugs were found in a classroom at Hilbert Middle School, along Puritan Avenue just west of Beech Daly Road.

“Even though it is unlikely for bed bugs to infest a school, we immediately closed two classrooms in question and called a licensed pest control specialist to complete an inspection,” the letter read. “This inspection yielded positive results of bed bugs in the rooms in which the infected student was present. The rooms were thoroughly cleaned and treated and will remain closed for the remainder of this week.”

Other classrooms and high-traffic areas throughout the building were inspected, but no signs of bed bugs were found.

The school said preventing bed bugs is a “team effort” and parents are encouraged to check their children’s belongings because the insects often reside in homes and travel to school on a student’s clothing or backpack.

The school said it will continue to monitor the situation and have licensed pest control specialists assist as necessary.


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