DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – Fired Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced Thursday to over 15 years in prison on charges of having sex with minors and possession of child pornography.

Before the sentence, a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. John Bradford, argued that Fogle’s struggle with compulsive eating and drastic weight loss on the Subway diet made him hypersexual.

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Beaumont Psychiatrist Dr. Joel Young says some drugs can do that, but not a diet. He’s treated may patients who compulsively overeat and who have lost a considerable weight.

“There are some medications that can cause hypersexual behavior but none of these medications are associated with weight loss,” Young notes.

He stresses the fine line between social justice for crimes and a person’s ability to rehabilitate.

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“His interests and pursuits were illegal — they were underage and he crossed that legal boundary. Even if he had increased sexuality, that doesn’t mean that he can violate what society has deemed appropriate,” said Young.

Some feel the sentence for Fogle is too lenient.

“The rate of recidivism is quite high, but I think we also have to worry about putting people away and never giving them a chance for release — we are a society that does allow for penance.”

Young says around five percent of people have a predilection for children, but most don’t act on it.

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Fogle garnered fame after becoming a pitchman for Subway after shedding over 250 pounds — ostensibly based on walking more and a diet of Subway sandwiches.