ROYAL OAK (CBS Detroit) – Soon to be the largest penguin facility in the world, the Polk Penguin Conservation Center (PPCC) has begun the final stages of construction. The Detroit Zoo sent a camera through the giant iceberg-shaped building to give a glimpse of the interior spaces including the 4-D walkway experience, two underwater tunnels, a 38-foot-long underwater viewing window and more.

Matching the footage with the virtual tour provides a sense of the scale and effect of the 33,000-square-foot penguin center.

The penguins’ current home the Penguinarium will be converted into a Bat Conservation Center once they make the move.

Opening in spring of 2016, the PPCC will be filled with 80 penguins from four species including gentoo, macaroni, rockhopper and king. The internal air temperature will be set to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in an effort to encourage wild behavior including diving, porpoising, nesting and rearing young.