By: Terry Foster

The Detroit News is history. This is the beginning of a new and wonderful friendship.

I plan on filling this space with blogs and columns. I might even do a feature on one of your favorite athletes or even someone you’ve never heard of. It all depends on how I am feeling that day.

So you thought you were rid of me when I took the early retirement package from The Detroit News. Really? No such luck my friends.

Let’s go on a wonderful ride together. I will tell you how I feel and you tell me how you feel. It is sort of like talk radio on the Internet. The folks who run 97.1 The Ticket say I can take more chances here than with The Detroit News. In other words I can say booger and not get in trouble.

My life is now transitioning. I am more radio man than newspaper man after turning in my final article for the News at 3:17 Sunday afternoon. For the first time I felt a tinge of sadness. It was the final time pushing that button. It felt weird. It felt strange. I am also saying good bye to people I knew for years even though we did not see each other because most sports writers work from home or in some press room.

There is so much I want to tell you about my 33 1/2 years of working at the Grand Rapids Press, Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. We have plenty of time for that.

Let me first tell you why I am here. Some editors wanted me to cover Pistons full time. I did not want to because it interfered with my work on the Valenti and Foster Show. Covering the Pistons requires lots of travel. And I could not risk taking more focus away from the number one rated afternoon drive time show in Detroit.

Why not do shows in studios while on the road?

It takes away from the air quality and timing of the show. Believe it or not there are times I must look Mike in the eye and say “you cannot do that on the air.” And believe it or not he usually listens.

Our show has turned into a band of brothers with Sully, Hatchet, Roberto and Mike. We are focused on a common goal and I need to be there for them.

I covered the Pistons last spring because I had some professional days from radio to allow me to do it and to think about my future.

I’ve already been a beat writer and had a blast. I actually enjoyed covering the Pistons last spring. But I am done.

My focus is radio and family. And I will write for the Oakland University athletic website and right here.

Welcome aboard. Let’s have fun.


See, I didn’t even get in trouble.


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