Beaumont ER Sees Patients Of All Ages With Related Injuries

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – One of the most popular gifts this holiday season is the “hoverboard” — but some in the health care field believe it may be the most dangerous.

The two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter (it doesn’t actually hover) is sending many riders to the emergency room; in most cases, because they’ve fallen off or crashed while riding.

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Beaumont Health System emergency room nurse Brad Lukas says people of all ages are being treated for a variety of hoverboard-related injuries.

“A lot of wrist injuries, lot of fractures that we’re seeing,” Lukas told WWJ’s Dr. Deanna Lites. “We’ve also seen, in the adult population, a few head injuries as well; concussions and whatnot.”

A few of those patients, he said, required surgery.

“Out of the five physicians who have worked since Christmas, all of them have seen an injury,” Lukas said.

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“What we see a lot is people that, you know, maybe grandma or grandpa are over with their young grandchildren and they want to try it really quick,” Lukas said. “It looks fun, and they’re zooming around the house…and they try to get off it and they fall backwards, hit their head, and now they’re in resuscitation bay, in trauma bays.”

“Because it does take some level of expertise to get the hang of it,” he said.

Lukas said the ER is expecting to see a lot more of these injuries as more of these devices are purchased.

He said it’s important to read the safety manual before using a hoverboard, it’s a good idea to wear safety equipment such as a helmet along with knee, elbow and wrist pads.

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And if you have problems with your balance, he said, you might want to skip riding the device altogether.