DETROIT (WWJ) – While stories of grief and tragedy seem to dominate headlines there were many heartwarming tales, thrilling victories and images that renewed belief that small actions can pay off big.

On one of the few snowy Michigan days this fall, fate brought together two men, and both lives changed in new and wonderful ways.

Tony Berard and Scott Kapoor. (Photo Courtesy/Scott Kapoor)

Tony Berard and Scott Kapoor. (Photo Courtesy/Scott Kapoor)

Jason Kapoor was driving down M-59 in Highland late November when he saw a man braving the elements riding a bike on the busy road. Jason watched the man, bundled from head to toe, with ice forming along his beard, and he drove on … until he couldn’t and turned around to offer a ride.

And what a ride it’s been since that November day.

Jason soon found out that Tony Berard rode his bike to work every day — 15 miles and more — year round, rain or snow. Tony wasn’t complaining about his life, which including mounting medical bills, an ailing wife, and multiple jobs – he was just telling his story.

Jason repeated that story on Facebook and the rest is social media history. Jason set up a GoFundMe account and through that online fundraising Tony was able to purchase a car.

In December, a touching story involving Michigan’s own Meijer chain of stores went viral.

credit: Kimberly Grandinette)

credit: Kimberly Grandinette)

–An Ohio woman says she was waiting to get her groceries checked out at a location near Dayton, when her 3-year-old son — who’s having a tough time dealing with his little brother being in the hospital — asked the cashier if he could help her ring up the purchases.

“She looked at my son and said ‘Certainly’ and brought him behind the register with her,” wrote mom, Kimberly Grandinette, in a post along with a photo on Meijer’s Facebook page.

–Long after the Silverdome had become an eyesore in the city of Pontiac, a BMX rider returned to the football stadium of his youth, to ride through the remnants of the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome, and it’s all caught on video. It takes your breath away – daring and skilled riding and artistry in the filming; it takes advantage of the physical space without damning what has become of the site.

–Tom Izzo coached MSU’s basketball team to their seventh Final Four since 1999 — losing in the National Semifinal to Duke but what a thrill the ride was along the way! Not to be outdone – Mark Michigan State v MichiganDantonio and the MSU football team found a way to win games that were thought out of reach – [Ohio State] [Michigan].

–While the arrival of Jim Harbaugh to UM could have been seen as something akin to royalty setting foot in Ann Arbor – he helped fill the Big House and thrill the fan base at the same time.

When you start focusing on the good-news stories you realize just how many are out there –but we know there are so many more.

Let us know your favorite news story of the year.


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