SHELBY TOWNSHIP (CBS Detroit) – A pair of brothers were arrested following an unusual incident caught on camera in a Shelby Township neighborhood.

Police responded to the 7000 block of Tottenham Thursday for a domestic violence complaint regarding two brothers, Minas Habib and Starvo Habib, who were fighting in a home. Starvo had allegedly assaulted his brother inside the home and Minas hopped in the car and tried to flee, police said. His brother jumped on the hood of the car, police said.

When officers arrived, they found a white car approaching with a shirtless Minas Habib riding on the hood.  Police said an officer activated his patrol car lights and parked his vehicle — but the white car failed to stop, ramming the police car.

As seen in a video released by police, the man atop the car, Starvo Habib, falls off upon impact, then hops a short distance down the street. His brother gets out, and begins shouting at the cop.

Minas and Starvo Habib. (credit: Shelby Township Police)

Minas and Starvo Habib. (credit: Shelby Township Police)

The white car sustained some damage, but no one was hurt.

Police said the two men — 18 and 20 years old — were taken into custody at the scene on separate charges.

“Just can’t make this stuff up. :),” police wrote, responding to one of dozens of comments on the video posted to the department’s Facebook page on Friday.

Though they didn’t know the details of past calls, Deputy Police Chief Mark Coil said it wasn’t the first time officers have been at the house.


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