FLINT (WWJ) – Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton is adding her voice to the chorus of those criticizing the handling of Flint’s water crisis that she says may end up costing taxpayers $1.5 billion.

The former Secretary of State said, in a statement released Monday, that the state’s reassurances that Flint River water was safe for human consumption is “unconscionable.”

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“The situation in Flint, Michigan, is extremely concerning. No parent should have to worry that their kids’ water isn’t safe,” Clinton said.

“We now know that a General Motors factory stopped using Flint’s water because it was corroding car engine parts — yet officials continued to reassure the public that the water was safe for human consumption. That’s unconscionable, and I applaud the Department of Justice for joining the Environmental Protection Agency in investigating what happened here.

Thousands of children may have been exposed to lead, which could irreversibly harm their health and brain functioning. Plus, this catastrophe — which was caused by a zeal to save money at all costs — could actually cost $1.5 billion in infrastructure repairs.

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The people of Flint deserve to know the truth about how this happened and what Governor Snyder and other leaders knew about it. And they deserve a solution, fast.

Flint has suffered ongoing water quality issues after the city adopted the state-appointed emergency manager’s plan to change the city’s drinking water source, and the city began drawing water from the Flint River as an interim measure. In the past 16 months, abnormally high levels of e. coli, a dangerous bacteria; trihamlomethanes, which make hot showers potentially toxic; lead, which causes long-term neurological problems; and copper have been found in the city’s water.”

Gov. Rick Snyder, meantime, is creating a committee to work long term on resolving Flint’s drinking water crisis and public health concerns. The executive order signed Monday forms the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee.

Director of Public Affairs for FEMA Rafael Lemaitre, over the weekend, said Twitter that the federal organization will provide technical assistance to the Michigan Emergency Operations Center.

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This latest comes after, last Thursday, Flint mayor Karen Weaver met with Snyder Thursday, two days after he’d declared an emergency for Flint and Genessee County. Both described the discussion as productive and said they agreed to establish a group of state and local agency officials that will consider future steps.